Schultz Partners has a relationship with a large number of corporate buyers including private and public companies and private equity groups seeking acquisitions with earnings in the range $1 million to $100 million EBIT. Go to our Mergers and Acquisitions page for details of these groups and their acquisition criteria.

Business earning $700K

A syndicate of three investors is seeking any good business earning around $700 K net profit. They have their finance in place following an offer on a similar-sized business. The deal fell over due to the intransigence of the vendor. Hence the syndicate members are very keen to find another business opportunity.

They will look at any good business, preferably able to run under full or part management.

For a strictly confidential discussion, please telephone Ken Schultz on (08)6365 9902 or email him quoting reference AGS


Corporate client wants to acquire large businesses that may be leaders (or have the potential to be) in any or all of the following:

  • water management, operations and maintenance;
  • industrial maintenance;
  • project management in the resources sector

Must be substantial businesses, or with potential to grow because they have the talent and infrastructure but need capital and leadership.

Contact Ken Schultz on 08 6365 9902 or send an email


A large corporate group is seeking an established wholesaler of leisure, sporting or outdoor products, with an EBIT in the range $2 to $10 million.

For a strictly confidential discussion, please telephone Ken Schultz on (08) 6365 9902 or send an email


We have parties interested in purchasing a business dealing in the manufacture and/or distributorship of adhesives, sealants and related products.

There is no upper or lower limit on size but the products must already have an established position in the market.

The interested parties would inject capital and expertise to expand sales and distribution across Australia and internationally if necessary.

Please ask for more information from Ken Schultz by calling him on 08 6365 9902 and your approach will be treated with complete confidentiality.


We have clients who are prepared to make a quick decision to buy businesses that are currently providing any or all of thefollowing services the mining industry:

  • project management
  • operational management
  • engineering services, maintenance,
  • construction
  • fabrication
  • labour hire
  • equipment hire

The businesses must have a turnover of more than $4million nd/or be generating a profit of at least $750,000.

Clients are also interested in purchasing the real estate associated with the business.

Contact Ken Schultz on 08 6365 9902 or send an email


About the buyers

Each of the 'Businesses Wanted' listed here is from a genuine, qualified buyer. We would be happy to introduce you to the buyer.

The buyer may be an investor, a private equity group, a public company, and in some cases, a large overseas corporation wishing to establish a presence in Australia.




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