Mergers & Acquisitions Division


Schultz Partners mergers & acquisitions division specialises in M&A transactions in the $10 million to $200 million range.

The services provided by Schultz Partners include the following (click on any one for more information):


Corporate buyers in profile

Below is a partial list of Schultz Partners corporate buyers with their acquisition criteria. Schultz Partners has a working relationship with all of these companies and groups. They are all actively seeking acquisitions that meet their investment criteria.

Buyer Type   Sector(s)  EBIT Range  
Private company Mining services, oil & gas $5-$30 million
Private company Electrical engineering $1-$5 million
Private company Mining contracting $5-$10 million
ASX 100 public company Infrastructure, facilities management Min. $15 million
Multinational group Engineering/mechanical services $5-$30 million
Private company Oil & gas $1-$10 million
ASX 50 public company Infrastructure, civil engineering $5-$100 million
Private equity fund Civil engineering $5-$15 million
ASX 200 company Mining services $5-$25 million
Private company Import wholesale $3-$20 million
Private company Industrial chemicals Min. $5 million
Private company Recruitment Min $3 million
ASX 300 company Mining services $5-$20 million



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