Business and corporate services

Between its Small Business Division and its M&A Division, Schultz Partners offers a complete range of services to businesses and corporations in the areas of:

  • Divestments - business sales
  • IPO's
  • Acquisitions
  • Capital raising, equity partners
  • Management Buy In / Buy Out
  • Exit strategies
  • Business and company valuations
  • Consulting
  • Consolidations and roll-ups
Preparing Businesses For Sale

According to a recent article in BRW Magazine, accountants are warning that many businesses on the market are in poor shape, with owners not having prepared them for sale. We can provide a business preparation service to optimize the sale price of your business. During this process:

  • We will analyse your business at the commencement of the sale process and determine its key features, its competitive advantage, core competencies and perform a SWOT analysis, so that we can communicate its essence to potential buyers.
  • We will identify areas of opportunity of your business to you that may assist in maximising sales potential. Improvements in such areas as stock levels, the sale of outdated assets, fully protecting intellectual property, formalising key client and supplier relationships and adjustments to depreciation levels and expense categories can often increase the potential sale price for a business.
  • If not already done, we will codify your policies and practices into an Operations Manual. This will communicate to a prospective purchaser that the business is not heavily reliant upon the knowledge of the vendor.
  • We will identify any current issues pertaining to your business that may need your attention including such areas as current management and staffing levels and their future with the company.

If you wish to carry out your own preparation work to make your business market-ready, we are happy to have an obligation-free meeting with you to give some pointers and give you our Due Diligence Checklist. This checklist will assist enormously in preparing a business for sale.



The highest levels of confidentiality are maintained in all of our dealings and negotiations.

Business owners and corporations can be assured that their staff, clients, competitors and suppliers will not find out that the business is on the market.

No information of a sensitive nature is ever released until our comprehensive and legally binding Confidentiality Deed is signed by the prospective purchaser, and a pre-qualification check is carried out.




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